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The two showrooms are located at Via dei Coronari 8 and Via Arco della Pace 16, in the historic city center of Rome, just behind the famous Piazza Navona. Maria Elisa Tanca and her husband Guido Bruschini established the first Bruschini Tanca Antiques Gallery in the 1960’s. They were both great lovers of art, antiques, and beautiful objects. Their passion was fruit of a profound knowledge of the subject matter, which had them travelling around the world seeking out the finest antiques – both rare and unique – to share with their clients.
Maria Elisa called ‘Marisa’ by friends and family was the eldest daughter of a renowned Roman family of antique dealers of which Cav. Giuseppe Tanca was the founder, having opened his first antique store in 1940.  Marisa successfully passed on all of the knowledge she fostered from her family and shared it with her husband, but also passed it on to her children, whom she began taking to antique shows by the time they were able to walk.
Marisa passed away in 2010, but her husband Guido and children Chiara and Francesco all carry on the name and the same competence displayed by their mother within galleries for so many years. It is with this in mind that they strive to carry on the legacy and plan to do so for generations to come.
The galleries offer the finest treasures of the highest quality. From the unique and precious objects de vertu, to watercolours and paintings depicting the Roman campagna (countryside), by artists like: Salomon and Herrman Corrodi, Onorato Carlandi, Anivitti and many others…to souvenirs made for travellers from all over coming to Italy during the Grand Tour era like Roman Micro-mosaics.
The galleries also showcase etchings and watercolours of classic Rome made during the Neo-classical period by famous artists like Kaisermann, Ducros, Volpato, Piranesi, Cassas all the way to the objects of the Empire style of Napoleon. With a collection of numerous bronze statues that mirror the classic marble statues found in Roman museums, as well as porcelain and ceramics made in Naples by the Royal, Giustiniani and Del Vecchio factories. They also have a selection of the finest silver pieces made in the Eternal City throughout the 1700-1800’s together with Flemish and French ivories.
The vast items that they have collected over the years of Art Noveau and Liberty are not to be forgotten. Pieces by Galle’,  Majorelle and the Tiffany lamps that hang from the galleries’ ceilings, walking into one of the stores can be compared to walking into a beautiful Roman museum.


The Bruschini Tanca family in their gallery: from the left Chiara Bruschini Tanca, holding his son Matteo, the new and 4th generation, at her back Francesco Bruschini Tanca, her brother and on the right Mr. Guido Bruschini, their father.